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WHY do we exist? To create an environment for artists to thrive in, by offering  ongoing   training as well as a platform to create new work  via ensemble collaborations within the community. 

Our industry has a problem: much of recent story telling is not ground breaking, daring or challenging; profits are important, but they shouldn't rank above artistry. 


WHO are we? We're a  community  , a network of multi-talented people across all media — from film to theatre and site specific shows, from television to audio productions; we're writers, actors, directors and producers, as well as an extended family of other craftspeople and behind the scenes artists like camera operators, set designers, make up artists and more. 

We choose to work together, day in and day out, because we share not only outstanding talent, but 5 core values.



is a  movement  , a  mindset . It's a revolutionary approach to making art.

WHAT do we proposeTo drive positive creative and systemic changes in our industry from the inside -- by doing. To put artists back in the driving seat, claiming agency over our lives and careers. To  become the change  we desire. 

Image by Kiwihug

why we will be successful


1) The constant flow of creativity and training we get by regularly collaborating (see how we work) builds a sense of  purpose, direction and community  in each of us. We provide one another with support, guidance, work and the odd (supportive) kick in the ass when needed. 

2) By abiding by our core values, we create  an attractive and inspiring working environment   devoid of big egos  :  creative conflict is inevitable and in fact necessary. At Modern Rituals, we strive to always resolve it with maturity and respect for one another, so we can get on generating compelling, layered and entertaining material. 

3) Because of the strength of our model, our community and network are constantly expanding and paving the way to a new system centred on innovation, honesty and inclusion --- to produce the stories of the future. Click here to see what we've been working on. 

if you want to be part of this movement


Get in touch. We are looking to connect with artists who are professionally trained and already working within the industry; this is not for those just starting out. 

Thanks for taking an interest in Modern Rituals! We can't wait to meet you. 


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