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He has experience in Film (One More Shot) and TV, and is a prolific voiceover artist including audiobooks and gaming.

He loves the theatre / screen and relishes in the physical, psychological and emotional demands made on actors in order to play great characters and parts. He also believes in the value of continuous growth of the actor as an artist and human.

As a writer, he is in development on his TV series TOMCAT, dealing with modern masculinity, as well as CAPITAL, his feature film dealing with Activist Fincnace, money and survival pressures. He is interested in the exploration of the complexity of human relationships.

Paul is the co-founder of Modern Rituals.

As an actor, he trained with Christopher Fettes (the co-founder of the Drama Centre).

He has played classical roles: A Midsummer Nights Dream (Croatia tour), Cleopatra (Pentameters), Blood Wedding (Bread and Roses) to more modern work: Major Barbara (National Trust), and new writing at places like Bow Arts, The White Bear, Old Red Lion and the Cockpit.


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